Article 1: General
1.1 These are the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Snel Parts B.V. located in Amsterdam. Snel Parts B.V. (hereinafter Snel Parts) is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under the number 72200987.
1.2 These general conditions of sale and delivery apply to all orders, offers and agreements of

Article 2: Ordering and the formation of an agreement
2.1 Orders can be placed at Once the order is completed, an email confirmation will be sent.
2.2 By placing an order, the buyer indicates agreement to these terms and conditions.
2.3. Snel Parts reserves the right to refuse an order in case of knowingly providing incorrect data and information, and there has been non-payment or other matters where Snel Parts considers the financial risk too great to deliver. Acceptance of an order may therefore be subject to additional conditions such as prepayment.
2.4 In case of knowingly providing false data or any other form of attempted fraud, Snel Parts will report to justice.
2.5 The agreement is only established when Snel Parts has accepted the order.
2.6 Before completing the order, the buyer must check the content of the order and his data for accuracy. Due to the speed of orders and shipping, Snel Parts may not be able to make any more changes. Any costs resulting from incorrect data will be charged to the buyer.

Article 3: Prices
3.1 The prices used are in Euros, excluding 21% VAT and administration and shipping costs. Shipping and handling charges are calculated once per order and depend on the total order amount.
3.2 Snel Parts can adjust its prices at any time. Price changes do not affect contracts already entered into.

Article 4: Delivery
4.1 Delivery for orders placed on working days are normally made within 2 working weeks (if in stock is indicated on the relevant page). The delivery time is indicative and not a deadline. Items displayed on the Internet page as "Out of Stock" have a general delivery time of 2 to 6 working weeks.
4.2 Snel Parts is obliged to observe this delivery time as much as possible. However, it cannot be held liable for exceeding the delivery time that was reasonably unforeseeable at the time of entering into the agreement. In such cases, Snel Parts has the right, in consultation with the buyer, to extend the delivery time or cancel the agreement.
4.3 Snel Parts has no influence on delays caused by the carrier and cannot be held responsible for them.
4.4 If delivery does not take place within a period of 30 days, unless otherwise agreed, the buyer shall thereafter be entitled to cancel the order and reclaim whatever he may have already paid. Already paid amounts will be credited within 30 days in this case.
4.5 If a shipment is refused Snel Parts is entitled to recover the incurred transportation costs from the buyer.

Article 5: Transportation and risk
5.1 The method of transportation, shipping and packaging is, if no further instruction is provided by the buyer to Snel Parts, determined by us as a good merchant. Any specific wishes of the buyer regarding transport/shipments will be carried out only if the buyer has declared to bear the additional costs thereof.
5.2 Upon delivery of the package, the buyer must sign with one of the delivery men, for receiving the package.
5.3 The buyer must check the contents of the package after delivery. In the unlikely event that the order is incomplete or incorrect, the buyer should contact us by email; or via the contact form on the website as soon as possible and at the latest within seven (7) business days of receipt.
5.4 All shipments are sent by Snel Parts increased liability. Risk of damage and loss of a shipment to the buyer is therefore borne by Snel Parts. After the items are received by the buyer, the risk of damage and loss passes to the buyer.

Article 6: Payment
6.1 The payment options are: - Payment via iDeal - Payment on delivery - Prepayment - Payment in arrears within 14 days after delivery by bank transfer.
6.2 Prepayment can be made by bank or giro. When paying by bank or giro the date of payment is the date of crediting the giro or bank account of Snel Parts. The delivery time included in Article 4 is valid from the moment Snel Parts has received the relevant amount on the business account number.
6.3 Snel Parts reserves at all times the right to deviate from the buyer's chosen method of payment and set additional conditions.
6.4 If the buyer is in default with any payment, Snel Parts is entitled to suspend or dissolve any further agreements.
6.5 If the buyer has received the order at home and calls for a return authorization from his/her respective bank, the order in question must have already arrived at Snel Parts. Once this is not the case Snel Parts will still be able to collect the amount due until the order is received under the 'return conditions'.

Article 7: Retention of title
7.1 Delivered goods remain the property of Snel Parts until all payment obligations are fulfilled. However, the risk in respect of items already delivered shall already pass to the buyer at the time of delivery.

Article 8: Warranty
8.1 The products sold by Snel Parts through the website , are all under the manufacturer's warranty of the respective brands.
8.2 The buyer cannot claim warranty in the following cases: - There is normal wear and tear. - Improper use and/or failure to observe the instructions for use. - Changes have been made to the item - Damage due to intentional or gross negligence - The buyer and/or third parties engaged by the buyer have made repairs to the delivered item on their own initiative during the warranty period or have had repairs made.
8.3 The buyer is obliged to make his claim known to Snel Parts before returning the article in question. Costs for a warranty shipment are at the expense of Snel Parts if the relevant reply number is used. The following should be taken into account: - A warranty number should be requested within the specified warranty period. - The product must be sent within five (5) working days after the warranty number is assigned. - The warranty item must be properly packaged and shipped. - The warranty shipment should include a description of the problem, warranty number, buyer's information and copy of invoice. - Problems with shipping at or by the company taking care of shipping to Snel Parts are at the buyer's risk.
8.4 Warranty lapses if the buyer has not fulfilled the payment obligation.
8.5 Snel Parts and project design is never obliged to pay any damages to the buyer or others, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Snel Parts.

Article 9: Returns
9.1 The buyer has the right to dissolve the agreement for fourteen (14) working days after receipt without giving reasons. The buyer must request a return number for returns.
9.2 After assigning a return number, the buyer must return the order within five (5) business days.
9.3 Items must be unused, complete, undamaged and in original packaging. Excluded from return are items commissioned by the buyer and products made of wood veneer. In addition, items produced to order cannot be returned. These are items with a delivery time of 2-6 weeks.
9.4 A return shipment must at all times be sent by registered mail, with sufficient postage, and sent properly. Cost of shipping is the responsibility of the buyer.
9.5 Already received payments will, upon acceptance of the return, be refunded within 30 days after receipt of the return shipment by Snel Parts, minus deduction of costs incurred, such as administration costs and collection of return shipments, etc. If only part of an order is returned, the shipping costs of the original shipment will always be charged to the buyer.

Article 10: Product Information
10.1 Snel Parts takes great care in providing information about the products offered. However, Snel Parts is not liable for incorrect specifications and/or other indications of the articles provided by it.
10.2 Images shown are only approximate and may differ from the actual product. Deviating images cannot be grounds for compensation and/or dissolution of the sale.

Article 11: Privacy
11.1 Snel Parts values the privacy of its customers. All personal information is therefore handled with care. This strictly follows all legal regulations applicable to personal data. Snel Parts uses the personal data provided by the buyer to process orders and, provided the buyer has given permission, for marketing purposes.
11.2 Personal data will not be provided by Snel Parts to third parties without the consent of the buyer, unless this is necessary for handling the payment.
11.3 Personal data may be changed at the request of the buyer.

Article 12: Disputes.
12.1 These general terms of sale and delivery are governed by Dutch law.
12.2 Disputes shall be resolved by mutual agreement to the extent possible. If this does not prove possible within 30 days, the buyer may take further action.
12.3 All disputes between the parties shall be exclusively submitted to the competent court in the Netherlands. The judge's judgment is binding on all parties.