The business supplier for Japanese compact tractor parts.

"Snel Parts is an initiative started from the success of Shop4trac. Experience has shown that there is a great need for the right quality of products. To meet the right price for business customers as well, Snel Parts was founded."

- Ricardo Snel, Owner of Snel Parts

About us
About us

Our goal with Snel Parts

The most ideal scenario to get the right price without email or calls on a clear webshop. That has been our intention where efficiency is paramount.

We see with Snel Parts an opportunity for both customer and supplier to ensure the most competitive prices. Fast delivery from our own stock allowing machines, tractors and boats to be repaired quickly.

Over the years, our enthusiasm has only continued to grow and we hope that together we can join forces by buying big with the right customers.

Become a business customer?

Enjoy additional discounts on our products exclusively for business customers.


Our history

In 2010, we started selling Iseki and Kubota mini tractors from Japan. Other brands such as Shibaura, Yanmar, Kioti, Hinomoto, Mitsubishi and Gutbrod came to us for maintenance.

We have sold Kubota and Iseki tractors Europe-wide to: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and especially Germany. As we gained more and more experience with the tractors and our enthusiasm grew for parts, we started looking for suppliers who could produce to our requirements. Qualitatively, there is a lot of differentiation in the products offered and unfortunately this is not checked by suppliers for quality. This gave us the reason to become above all a reliable supplier with rates that make it interesting for business customers and consumers.

Anno 2022/2023 we are known worldwide for our youtube videos and information we share with our customers. We like to continue this success through Snelparts where we only give exclusive business customers access to this webshop.

About us